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Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission, Vision, Values at Western Maine Health
Our Mission

To ensure a high quality, accessible, affordable, and appropriate integrated health care system to improve the health and well being of the community.

Our Vision

The people of the communities we serve will be the healthiest in Western Maine. 

To achieve this vision, we will:

  • Maintain an integrated, not-for-profit community owned health care system focused on improving the community's health;
  • Meet community needs by providing high-quality, accessible health services delivered with care and compassion;
  • Develop and maintain mutually-beneficial professional and economic relations with physicians and providers;
  • Provide high quality, focuses community health education programs;
  • Support the clinical and administrative integration initiatives of MaineHealth®;
  • Collaboate and partner with like-minded organizations committed to the same vision;
  • Develop the clinical and administrative systems to actively and effectively participate in managed care;
  • Recruit and retain the most qualified, caring medical staff, employees, and volunteers;
  • Assist our board, medical staff, employees, and volunteers in better understanding important health care issues;
  • Maintain financial viability

Our Values - iCare
   iCare is a way for all of us at Western Maine Health to identify the values we share in order to ensure the best quality care for our patients.  iCare means we all bring integrity, compassion, accountability, respect, and excellence to our tasks, and always remember that we serve our community.

We will conduct ourselves in all matters, in a manner that is ethically and professionally responsible
         Follow WMH's Ethics Policy including:
                   Make ethical decisions
                   Communicate honestly
                   Keep information confidential
                   Comply with all other laws and regulations

We will demonstrate an awareness of the suffering of others and attempt to relieve it
         Look and listen carefully
         Show patience
         View life through your customer's eyes
         Be supportive and comforting
         Avoid jargon by communicating clearly

We are all responsible for consistently providing exceptional care and services
         Improve our care and services
         Deliver safe patient care
         Admit mistakes
         Use resources and time wisely
         Maintain a neat and clean environment

We will be considerate of everyone.
          Demonstrate WMH's iCARE behaviors
          Seek to understand others
          Value opinions and learn from others
          Share your knowledge and expertise
          Keep customers informed

We will strive to provide exceptional care through excellence in professional behavior, teamwork, and attitude
         Make serving others your #1 priority
         Always strive to give 100%
         Actively support the organizational mission and demonstrate our    
         Improve quality and safety
         Cooperate with others
         Seek out ways to help others
         Make each other look good
         Provide a nurturing environment
         Choose the right attitude.  How you think about customers is how you
                       will treat them
         Show appreciation


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